Monday, April 6, 2009

The Good ol' DAYS

This was one of those surveys that circulate on facebook and I thought it was kindof fun....I am going to make Doug put his answers down too and compare notes....

So you know the good old music or TV shows? well i'm curious as to what you will make your kids watch or listen to...In no particular order:

(Alexa's List)

1.Cosby Show


3.Magnum PI

4.James Taylor


6.Price is Right

7.Saturdays Warriors

8.Knight Rider

9.Say Anything


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Amy Trauntvein said...

Hey, 80's music is the best in my book! It's funny that some songs are coming around again and the kids can't believe I already know the words. Example: Emily-- listening to her Miley Cyrus cd And Miley is singing "Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun" Me-- belting out ALL the words to the song. Emily-- Staring at me and says, "How do you know these words????"