Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School

I can't believe how fast the summer break flew by. I refuse to acknowledge that summer is coming to an end (we still have a month right?). When I started out the summer I had all these grand ideas and plans and sad to say I didn't quite get around to most of them.
So the boys got on the bus this morning, the picture of them is right before heading out. Collin is entering 5th grade and Brennen will be in 2nd. They seem to be excited but I am sure the newness of the school year will wear off by the weekend. We are staying extremely busy with soccer. Doug is in his like 13th year of coaching. He is still at Pickerington North with the girls varsity. He LOVES it. Keep thinking this will be his last year but not yet. Collin is playing for a small club Xtabi that brings in boys from Newark, Granville and Johnstown. Doug is also helping with that team. Brennen is playing here in Johnstown with our neighbor being his head coach. He really likes it but doesn't like the fact that there is a girl that is better than him on the team. You go Girl! Aivrey starts school next week and I head back to work. (I took a week vacation to get the kids to school and organize the house!