Monday, March 30, 2009


It's getting to be that time....

If the weather cooperates I could be planting seeds tomorrow!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Clothesline

Growing up we had a clothesline. We used it quite a bit too. I remember lugging the baskets out to the line and using the wooden clothes pins (that my mom kept in a fabric bag that would hang on the line) to hang the linens, towels, and clothes on the line. We then had this metal pole that would attach to the line to keep the weight of the clothes from bending the line down to the ground. The best part of it all (and I am sure that my mother didn't REALLY appreciate it) was to take a running start and run through the sheets. I loved the smell of the sheets as you ran through them. So...with all that said, I want to build a clothesline. I found an article that says you can build one for only around $30. One more project to add to the list....

Reducing Energy Consumption = Money in the Pocket
April 15th, 2008 Sammy
So how do you reduce your energy usage, enjoy some quiet time and save over $150. Setup a clothes line. There is really nothing better than clothes dried naturally on an outdoor clothes line… the sweet smell of a breeze, the sun and the flowers. And it’s amazing how the sun naturally bleaches your whites.
Building an outdoor clothes line is inexpensive and will only take you a couple of hours…
For around $30 at your local hardware / building materials store… you can get everything you need to build your own outdoor clothes line dryer.

The Materials:- (2) Pine 4 X 4 Posts - 8ft- (1)Pine 2 x 4 - 8ft- (10)Wood screws- (8)#6 Eye Bolts- Clothes line (nylon or plastic), 100ft- (4-6)bricks
Tools:- Drill / Cordless Scewdriver- Saw (hand or circular)- Measuring tape- Level- Digging Bar or post hole digger

1. Dig 2, 24in deep holes about 10 - 12 feet apart.2. Cut 4 x 4’s down to 7 feet (less if you want your clothes line lower).3. Cut 2 x 4 in half.4. Attach 2 x 4 across the top of the 4 x 4 posts with wood screws.5. Pre-drill holes for eye bolts across 2 x 4 and screw in 4 bolts per side.6. Break bricks in smaller pieces to put into the post holes.7. Using a level place posts in ground and make plumb filling the hole with alternating bricks and dirt.8. Tamp down around base of posts adding more dirt and brick to secure post firmly in ground.9. Add water to allow all materials to settle.10. Hang line across and tie with 2 - 3 half-hitch knots per. Make lines about 95% taught.
That’s it. For $30 and a couple of hours in the back yard you can build your outdoor clothes line dryer, reduce your household energy consumption, save over $150 annually and get fresh smelling clothes.

Tips & TricksDon’t like the stiff feeling of your clothes after being line dried? Try doubling up your towels when you hang them out. Washcloths can be dried in sets of three. Slower drying fabric equals softer fabric.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I honk at the jesus guy that runs around newark

I was invited to join this facebook group (isn't it crazy that facebook thing), "I honk at the jesus guy that runs around newark''. I have always been intriqued by this guy for two reasons; first my love for running and second my faith in Jesus. For those of you who frequent Newark, OH know exactly who I am talking about; he runs down 21st street carrying a sign praising the Lord.
Well I wanted to set the record straight for myself, get the real story, because there are quite a few different stories going around. What's the truth? There was an article in the Denison University paper about this man a few years ago. Interested? Read on...

Man takes faith to the street-literally
Baxter McCanna shares his story as a Christian, jogger
Bree Tracey
Issue date: 10/9/07 Section:

Decked out in a Columbus Blue Jackets t-shirt, running shorts and a blue hat with "Jesus" inscribed in red letters, Baxter McCanna runs down the sidewalk of West Main Street in Newark. He starts from his home , which is surrounded by a white picket fense, toys of his nine chidren and a beaten-up old Volkswagen van with the words, "Jesus love you," painted across the back.The 59-year-old man carries a sign to his chest while he runs - "Jesus died for you" - something he's done five days a week for the last two decades.If you have ever driven down Newark's West Main Street, you may have seen him running along the side of the road.For the past 20 years, he's been a community icon commonly known as 'Jesus Man'. Most people have seen McCanna at one time or another. From the women working at the Newark Library to the secretary in the mayor's office, they all know who he is.Even Denison's reference librarian, Kevin Furniss, has noticed McCanna running along Newark's roads."He's kind of shocking the first time you see him," Furniss said.But McCanna said he started running, because he needed a change in his life."After years of trying to follow Jesus I just gave up and quit," McCanna said. "I did everything I could do." He traveled to Africa with the Peace Corps, participated in suicide squad prevention, worked in drug clinics helping people who were on drugs. He went to college and worked as a teacher in math, physics and science. He even took spiritual trips and traveled around the country. But despite all this, he still wasn't happy. "I wasn't where I wanted to be, and everything I tried didn't work," stated McCanna. "I fell apart."He can remember the moment when he first decided to start running for Jesus. He says it was the fall of 1975 in Omaha, Neb.He was hitch-hiking across the country as a hippie with a long beard and pony tail. Everything he owned he carried with him.
That day, McCanna was sitting in a room when he heard a voice that said "choose now". He replied, "Okay, you win."From that day on, McCanna believes himself to be a changed person. He once told an old girlfriend, "When I want Jesus, I will take him."He did - all the way through the streets of Newark.McCanna said he started his mission standing on street corners in downtown Columbus, where he works, holding signs and passing out flyers. Eventually he started running to cover more distance. McCanna's brother Calvin, 64, also participates in running for Jesus. Initially, McCanna said he and his brother received strong negative reactions, but through persistence, people have become more accepting. "I haven't seen anyone throw anything at me in a while," said McCanna. Now, he gets the occasional high-five and is frequented by honking car horns.Sophomore Hayes Griffin from Heath said McCanna has been a staple in his town his entire life."I've literally seen him my entire life doing this," Griffin said. "People would talk about him all the time. He's like a community novelty."Even the weather isn't enough to stop the duo. "Snow storms, hails storms, he's out there running," said Furniss. "He's very intent on delivering his message."And whether or not you are a Christian, his message is rather inspiring. "People need hope," McCanna said. "A reason for another day, a reason to go to work, a reason to get out of bed, a reason to continue school, a reason to do anything. You've got to have hope. You have to have something to go for."

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My favorite color is GREEN

Here is a great few ideas for "Going Green" . This was on Kris Carr's blog- Crazysexycancer- I am inserting some of the ways I am going to contribute to going green....
Go Green!
There are so many dynamite ways to get the green glow. Here are just a few breezy solutions.
1. Go Veg! Today it’s nearly impossible to be an environmentalist and still chow tushie (aka carcass, aka meat). Animal agribusiness is the one of the biggest contributors to green house gas, water pollution, ocean acidification, deforestation, fossil fuel depletion, political strife, poverty AND rising disease rates! Be a part of the sexy solution. The rivers will thank you. The oceans, trees, soil, and air will bow to you. Sentient beings will hug you with grateful tears in their eyes. Say goodbye to morbidly expanding waste lines, high cholesterol, artery and colon stuffies, zoomin’ insulin and the increased risk of developing cancer and other annoying diseases. Prevention is HOT, sickness sucks - GO VEG! I am eating more veggies and fruit. Just the way God intended them to be eaten.
2. Eat local and organic. Though it’s always summer somewhere, do we really need a jet flown peach from Chile? When possible shop local, buy organic, and support CSA’s. If cost is an issue buy conventional, but stay away from the 12 most sprayed. Check out my blog SimplySoil, Doug and I will be doubling the size of our garden and being more proactive with canning so we can benefit from our labors year round. Veggies anyone?
3. Dump junk mail and catalogs. Each year over 100 million trees are massacred and turned into junk mail. Consequently, paper makes up 1/3 of the trash mountains in our bloated landfills. I don’t know about you, but I value oxygen (a trees main job) more than a Pottery Barn catalog or Sweepstake teaser. I DO love my magazines. I will only keep a few of the really good ones and utilize the worldwide web for all my others! I am no longer receiving or buying the paper. Columbus Dispatch .com has all the news I need including the obituiaries ( I am weird I know).
4. Boycott plastic bags! They’re a petroleum nightmare with an eternal impact. Out planet wilts under the weigh of plastic. Countless land and sea creatures die every year as a result of mistaking plastic bags for food or getting tangled in their wicked web. Sassy Chico Bags and Biobags are just a few of the many solutions. Use the reusables. Everyone has them. Check out the Container Store for some really cool ones too.
5. Go paperless by paying bills online. It’s quicker and saves sexy resources. Just imagine the fuel it takes to deliver your AT&T bill! Have gone paperless. I hate mail anyways.
6. Cloth napkins rule, they’re funky and environmentally friendly. Not quite there yet....with kids, paper towels, wipes and especially clorox wipes are the best.
7. Bring your own reusable sippers! The average coffee or tea to-go cup takes about 100 years to breakdown. Styrofoam is FOREVER. Plastic bottles? Thumbs down! They leach destructive chemicals into our delicate internal eco-systems. Ever stop and think about all that take-out silverware we mindlessly discard? Why not bring your own travel mug, Klean Kanteen, or To-go ware to your favorite take-out joint? SEXY! Love my camelback water bottles.
8. Use natural household cleaners. Toxic household spray & scrubs should come with hazmat suits. Protect yourself and your family by moving to natural cleaners. They smell great and are safe and savy! Remember, you absorb what you put on your skin AND what you use in your house.
9. Use a green “dry” cleaner. Dry cleaning agents are dangerous for you and for the planet. When possible use green cleaners or buy clothes that don’t require acid bath professional dip & drys. Dry cleaner? Ha Ha. This is a once a year splurge for us!
10. Use natural skincare products. Your skin is your largest organ, so if you wouldn’t drink a cup of Jergen’s (for example) for goddess sake, don’t put it on your skin! Choose yummy, safe alternatives. Clueless about what brands are safe? Go to I love Aveda!
11. Switch your bulbs. You’ve heard this a millions times before but compact fluorescent bulbs really do make a difference. Yes, they’re still kinda ugly, but you can always install dimmers! On board with this one too. Not sure I am saving money yet....
12. Change the AC Filter. In the summer, I personally prefer fans and an open window to AC, less stuffy, more better air circulation. Optimize your energy use (and bill) by cleaning or replacing dirty air conditioner filters. Doug and I were forced to not use our AC (needs looked at) and we survived.
13. Air Dry Your Clothes. Line-dry your clothes in the spring and summer instead of using the dryer, how retro Grannie chic! One of my projects for summer is build a clothsline. Had one growing up and remember running through the sheets as they dried.
14. As my dad used to say: “Turn off the damn lights” and “Do we really need to heat the entire neighborhood?” Thanks Dad! Though I thought he was a real pain-in-the-ass when I was a teen, turns out he was right! Turning off the lights is an obvious solution. But did you know that by adjusting your heater thermostat down two degrees in winter and up two degrees in the summer you can save BIG BUCKS?
15. Optimize the energy you use by installing storm windows. Caulk and weather strip your doorways and windows. Safecoat caulking is a nontoxic option. Add natural insulation, especially in the attic.
16. Inflate Your Tires. Keep the tires on your car adequately inflated. Check them monthly and save around 250 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $840 per year.
17. Use power strips and unplug appliances when not in use! Even when electronic devices are turned off, they still suck loads of energy. We unplugged the fridge in the garage...hardly used it anyways.
18. Compost! Since we started composting we have drastically reduced the amount of garbage we generate. Buying minimally packaged goods help too. Less packaging can reduce your garbage by about 10%. My "official compost is a corner of the garden. Still getting the hang of truly composting.
19. Do you really need to let the water run when you’re brushing AND flossing your choppers? Nope.
20. Have sex by candlelight! Preferably with a non-toxic, eco-friendly mood setter. Why do you even need a candle?

I would love for you to share with me the ways you are "going green", this is a work in progress for me.

What are we doing to ourselves?

Who doesn't love Dr.Oz. I watched this on Oprah and was truly inspired by Kris Carr and her journey with cancer. Some many people close to me have had loved ones diagnosed with this disease...Why? What is it that we are doing to our bodies? Take a listen to Kris and you will be inspired...

Eat your peas

As most of you that are close to me know, I have "tried" a gazillion and one "diets" to cure my body of RA. Let me sum up my journey quickly... After having Collin at age 23, I had unexplained joint pains. Testing, Xrays, etc...revealed Rheumatoid Arthritis. Isn't that for 80 year old women? I quickly went on a pretty toxic dose of Methotrexate which indeed helped me feel better, but the long term effects of being on this med makes me uncomfortable. Thus began the journey for a natural cure. I have seen several rheumatologist all pretty much blowing me off when asking them of a natural cure (or a least helping me cope with the symptoms). I have been on the "arthritis diet"- no sugar, whites, or meat. I have tried to just supplement with bee pollen and other natural herbs- pretty darn expensive. And most recently in the past year researching the Raw food lifestyle. This is pretty extreme I know but I have always preferred my veggies raw. I hate cooked vegetable. If they are cooked they had better be steamed very quickly. If it doesn't crunch, I won't eat it. My biggest problem with going 100% raw is my family...and having the will power to say no when candy is in front of me. I love candy. Skittles, nerds, twizzlers, gummy bears, sourpatch kids, chick o sticks. Maybe I am a little addicted to sugar, you think? So I have been reading blog after blog, article after article and finally decided to attend a Columbus Raw meeting tomorrow night. I am excited to hear others experiences with this lifestyle and try it out. I ate raw for a week or two and felt better. Had more energy. So I am willing to give it a shot. I am finally fed up with pain, fatique, irritability, anxiety and weight gain. Stay Tuned....