Thursday, February 26, 2009


What is Elfa you may ask? Elfa is the Container Store's organizational system. I have had my eye on a design from the catalog and with my AWESOME discount for being an employee, all I need is the flat screen TV. How 'bout it Doug? ( I would be getting Sycamore instead of the Driftwood)

To SEW or not to SEW

I CAN SEW. Its just the time and money involved. I can usually find a great deal on the clearance racks at a store rather than make an outfit BUT I WANT this dress. Not for me but for Aivrey. Unfortunatly they didn't have her size. Any one know where to find patterns like this? I could probably find material similar at SEW to SPEAK in clintonville. Then I just need to find the time and a machine. VANESSA??????

Starting the Blogging World once Again!

Hello its me again. After much deliberation I have decided to attempt to Blog again. My reasoning is that there are soooo many blogs that I find interesting and maybe I can share those with others PLUS we are encouraged to keep a journal and I am not so much into that, but thought this could be the way I keep a record of my families life and eventually compile it into some sort of "book" for the kids. So....if you find this blog boring, TOO BAD its really not for you anyways!!!
Yesterday, Collin made his debut into the theatrical world. I was at first shocked that he actually tried out because he has talked about it for a few years and never took the plunge. When he came home and said he got a part (and a semi main part may I add) I was proud of him. Now, theatre has never really been my thing. I never really had the desire in high school to be part of the plays but I did try out once for the show choir KEYNOTES. I made quite a fool of myself and needless to say did not make the group. I do think though that that is all part of building character and stepping outside of our comfort zone. Any ways, Collin was "WhiteBeard" in the musical Pirates. He did GREAT! The whole class did Great!! He had his lines memorized and even said his lines with a good Pirate ARRRR! I was getting a little concerned the night before when he wouldn't practice his lines for us and Doug kept trying to get him to be louder and use a better accent. Gotta love Doug and his parenting. He makes me laugh. Secretly, Doug always wanted to be in a play at school so this is his chance.... Great Job Collin. We think you did AWESOME!!!!